There is a host of activities right on your doorstep - Kayaking in the estuary or ocean, Deep Sea Fishing, Sea Safari's, Whale watching, Pansy Island Trips, Seahorse & Sea Star Safari's, Beach Boma evenings, etc.  Nearby - Quad tours, Spa Treatments, Community & Town Tours, Coconut Oil factory, etc. There is someting for everyone!

Water Sport


For water lovers a host of activities are available. The bay is ideal for hobie-cat and laser dingy sailing. Snake rides, paddle ski’s, surfboards, kayaks and boogie boards are just some of the activities available. Jet skis, wakeboarding and water skiing are also available in the area.

Scuba diving


In close proximity to BARRA DICA, there are some fully equipped Dive centres with all the necessary facilities including kitting-up rooms, filling station, rest areas, kit storage, lecture and first-aid areas. 

Island Dhow Trips


Dhow, Catamaran, rubber ducks and other craft offer day trips to Pansy Island where you can snorkel and take in the beauty of our estuary.water lovers a host of activities are available. 

Deep-sea Fishing


Fishing charters available. Alarge number of game fish in out waters, including sail fish and pelagic species, making this area a prime destination for fishing competitions.